Outlooks on Outreach- Movie Presentation Award

The OEC is again offering 3 awards (one grand prize, two runner-ups) for a “day in the life of outreach” video.

The purpose of the video is for the OEC to showcase outreach schools to various stakeholders and persons of interest to describe what outreach is, and how a typical outreach operates on a daily basis.

Use the following criteria for guidance on your movie:


  • This movie is to be from a primarily student perspective that answers the question: What do I do in Outreach? How does Outreach work for us? Staff is also encouraged to be involved.
  • OEC will use your movie in conjunction with other schools’ submissions for a larger movie, so we’re asking for 2 versions of your movie:
        • Version One can be a polished and completed project with music overlay and various multi-media pieces / special effects added, as you see fit.  This is where your students can be creative.
        • Version Two needs to be a stripped down version with no music or special effects.  Please allow time between scenes in this version, as we need to be able to splice your movie into a larger project.
  • Please keep both versions to within a 3-5 minute video.
  • Movies should showcase activities that differentiate outreach from traditional schools.
  • Movies can be purely visual or have audio (comments by students/staff) components.
  • Submitted movies will become the property of OEC to be used for non-profit purposes with stakeholders, as described previously.
  • For PIPA purposes, please contact Elizabeth Dunleavy for permission forms that need to be filled out by parents or guardians in order for your project to be deemed complete.
  • The movie should be in a format that is easy to copy and/or view (in .mov or .mp4 format) and can be sent via email or can be mailed by CD/DVD to the OEC.  Please contact Lance Gyte for address information.

Please also provide:
  • Name and title of applicant/contact person
  • Name of outreach school or program
  • Name of district and local or name of institution
  • Address of School
  • Telephone and email address(es) of applicant


There are 3 Award/Grant recipients*.  The Grand Prize winner will receive $250 for their efforts work, and 2 runner-up prizes of $125 each will be awarded.

*Note: Awards are decided by the OEC Awards Committee, chaired by the OEC Vice President.  If a suitable applicant is not chosen, an award will not be given.

For any requests about the award, or to submit an application, please contact OEC Vice President, Lance Gyte, at oec.ab.vicepresident@gmail.com

Submissions must be received by May 31st, 2017.