OEC Conference 2017 - "Finding Our Voice"

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We Have a Keynote!!

Jeff Newman, Mentalist

Mentalist \Mɛnt(ə)lɪst\
A magician or entertainer who performs feats and stunts that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind-reading, precognition, divination, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control, cognitive feats, and suggestion.

As a mentalist, Jeff performs feats of the mind and body. Whether for stage, corporate events, or evening entertainment for groups large and small, he can provide the perfect addition to your event. 

In 2011, Jeff decided to use his acquired skills in science, suggestion, and good old-fashioned trickery to begin touring his unique brand of magic across Canada. Jeff has performed for audiences of all sizes including New West Theatre, The Camrose Resort Casino, the Edmonton Fringe Festival, alongside acts like Wes Barker Stunt Magician, and has performed on several radio and television appearances.

In addition to mentalism and magic, Jeff can be seen on stage as an actor and improviser. In 2012, Jeff saw his acting debut in the world premier play 1000 Names by Chelsea Woolley at the University of Lethbridge, and most recently appeared in the University of Lethbridge production Sauce for the Goose by Georges Feydeau in November 2014. Jeff also has worked with a local improv troupe based in Lethbridge.

*Editor's Note: Information and image copied from Jeff's website at http://newmanmentalism.com/about.html.

In November 2016, the Conference Committee selected the theme "Finding Our Voice" for the 2017 OEC Conference. Watch the website, Twitter, Facebook, and the Outlook newsletter in the spring for the annual graphic design contest.

If you have any speaker suggestions that would fit with our theme, please contact our Speaker Chairperson with your thoughts.

The 2017 OEC Conference will be held at the Marriott River Cree Resort in Enoch the weekend of September 28 - September 30, 2017 See the Conference At-a-Glance for more information. Registration information will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with any of the conference committee, please select from the list below:

Antonette Wilson - Conference Director
Roxanne Eyben - Registration Coordinator
Marianne Masters - Speaker Co-Chair
Elliott Bessey - Speaker Co-Chair
Linda Hanson - Exhibitor Director
 Elizabeth Dunleavy - Communications Director